About Solutions

With over few years of experience in providing the right solutions to business, Easy Information Systems has a wide range of products right from sole traders, small business to medium companies. Whatever size of business, we have the right solution for you.


Online booking engine and management.

Provide customed travelling solution for travel agency to handling the online booking, backend administration and integration to other travelling system.

Custom Solution

Custom development based on your requirement.

* Android Mobile Solutions
* Windows Mobile Solutions
* RFID Solutions
* Web Application Development
* Barcode Solutions
* SMS Gateway and Solutions


Run an online store to sell your products.

E-commerce essentially covers all online activities aimed at inducing Internet users to purchase products and services online.

We have experienced programming staff in developing custom-made system solutions for your company. We also have a range of ready-made, highly customizable web applications and software that can be quickly and easily implement to simplify your business process.

Featured Products

  • Easysoft Distribution System
    * Inventory Control
    * Purchase Control
    * Sales Control

  • Easysoft Manufacturing System
    * Production Plan
    * Shop Floor Control
    * Materials Control

  • Easysoft Accounting System
    * Accounts Payable
    * Accounts Receivable
    * General Ledger

  • Easysoft Fixed Assets System
    * Serialized Tracking
    * Depreciation History
    * Print Label
    * Period End Closing

  • Easysoft e-Quotation
    * Multi-level discounts
    * Multi-department approval process to enforce
    discount policy
    * Multi currencies
    * Auto email alert

  • Easysoft e-Purchase Requisition
    * Budgeting
    * Capital Expenditure
    * Multi-currencies
    * Cost Center

  • Easysoft SMS Gateway
    The EasyGateway is a SMS solution that allows you
    to easily enable your applications or services with
    SMS text messaging capabilities over a HTTP API.

  • Easysoft Warehouse Management
    * Multi-locations
    * Inward Process
    * Print Label
    * Outward Process
    * Period End Closing

Easysoft Mobile Sales
If you are engaged in Direct-Store-Delivery, Van Sales, Route/Mobile Sales or the regular delivery of consumer packaged goods to retail stores, our solutions will provide you with the tools to:

* Improve customer service
* Increase the number of daily visits for your mobile workers
* Spend less time doing paperwork
* Reduce order-processing time, providing quicker turn around
* Avoid double entry of information
* Manage routes more efficiently